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Button Punch Tool

Button Punch Tool

$ 1,145.00 Button Punch Tool
$ 50.00 UPS Ground Freight Within U.S.
$ 1,195.00 Total
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The button punch tool is constructed of only the highest grade heat treated tool steel.. The jaw and lever assembly has been re-designed so that there are only two moving parts. The critical jaw and lever assembly are cast using the highest grade of heat treatable stainless steel available. The new design also allows it to be a dual use tool for either button punching or crimping seams for easier welding.

The 2009 button punch tool has been redesigned and has the following improvents. Ergonomical designed handles for increased productivity and less operator fatigue. Four additional dies are stored within the head of the crimping tool. There are two dies to more effectively punch both heavy gauge and light gauge metal decking. The silver is designed to punch 20/22 gauge metal deck. The gold die is designed to punch 16/18 gauge metal deck.

Redesigned in 2009

    • Dual use tool for either button punching or crimping seams of metal deck for easier welding.
    • Capable of button punching metal deck in a 16 gauge thickness.
    • The button punch tool is constructed of only the highest grade heat treated tool steel.
    • Comes with four additional dies that are stored within the jaws of the tool.
    • Ergonomically designed handles for increased productivity and less operator fatigue.

Redesigned with two different size dies to get the best punch for :

    • 20/22 gauge (Gold Die) or
    • 16/18 gauge (Silver Die)
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