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PLN3-32 AC: Acoustical Punchlok II Roof Decking

PLN3-32 AC is an acoustical metal roof decking that has a "Punchlok" sidelap. The sidelap of these panels must be crimped by using a Punchlok II Tool. These tools will be loaned out after the metal decking is purchased.

How To Get A Punchlok II Tool For Verco And Vulcraft Metal Decking

Verco PLN3-32 AC

PLN3-32 AC Acoustical Decking - 3" Deep

Acoustical metal decking can provide sound attenuation in buildings where the deck is exposed to the interior. The use of all acoustical deck is limited to non-fire-resistive assemblies. Verco’s fluted acoustical Punchlok N deck is made by perforating the webs of a standard Verco deck profile. PLN3-32-AC metal deck types has perforations in 10 of the 12 webs. The webs adjacent to the sidelaps of PLN3-32-AC are not perforated. The roofing contractor installs the acoustical insulation batts(supplied with the deck) prior to the placement of roofing insulation.

PLN3-32 and HSN3 AC panels are identical in both geometry and material properties. The prefix "PL" designates a PunchLok II version of the N profile. When the job is specified as Punchlok II, then a Punchlok II tool must be used for the sidelap attachment. This method of attachment allows for higher shear values and must be done correctly or the building design could fail. 

PLN3-32 AC is NOT in stock. Custom ordered jobs only. Minimum quantities apply.


Deck Type: Acoustical Punchlok

Panel Type: PLN3-32 AC

Available Gauges: 22, 20, 18, 16

Available Sheet Lengths: 2' to 40'

Available Finishes:

  • Galvanized G-60
  • Galvanized G-90
  • Prime Painted Gray


Rib Height: 3"

Rib Distance (Pitch): 8" Pitch

Width: 32" 


Material Availability:acoustical-deck-graph


Button Punch Tool

Button punch tool available for button punching or crimping seams of metal deck for easier welding. 

Free loaner tools are available with the purchase of metal decking.

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Foam Closures

Prevents moisture, insects, and light from getting inside or beneath the raised portions of metal decking panels.

  • Individual Foam Plugs
  • Foam Closure Strips

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Metal deck is normally welded or pinned to the steel. However, you can still need screws in canopy applications and for stitch screw side lap decking.

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Button Punch Tool

Button punch tool available for button punching or crimping seams of metal deck for easier welding. 

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  • Free Loaner Tool With Metal Deck Purchase

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Parker Punch Tool

The Parker Punch is a fast, high-volume pneumatic button punch that can save you time while providing strong, high-quality punches. 

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Shop Drawings

We are ready to provide you with shop drawings and metal deck packages for your next project. We can provide shop drawings that would include CAD drawings, metal deck cut list, gauge edge form, and shear stud layout.

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