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Parker Punch Tool

The ultimate air powered button punch tool! The Parker Punch is a fast, high-volume pneumatic button punch that can save you time while providing strong, high quality punches. The Parker Punch provides safe, consistent button punches that pass inspection time after time.

Parker Punch Tool

How does the Parker Punch work? The Parker Punch will produce an average 1,200 punches per hour, hour after hour, for as long as you can squeeze the trigger. Imagine doing 9,600 punches in a standard work day without operator fatigue! That's 2-3 times faster than a manual button punch tool.

The revolutionary, unique crimping action and 3 punching pins virtually eliminate bust-outs. The Parker Punch provides safe, consistent button punching that passes inspection time after time. This high speed tool will save you labor costs and pay for itself in just a few jobs. Take the next step toward cranking up to volume on your job - talk to the people at today. Manufactured with pride in the USA.

Parker Punch Tool Benefits

  • Gauges: All types of metal decking including 18, 20, 22 gauge. Not recommended for 16 gauge.
  • Crimping and Punching of side lap seams is always uniform regardless of the operator's size or strength.
  • Save Money: Produces an average of 1,200 punches per hour & 9,600 punches per day
  • Button Punching can be performed with minimum effort on the part of the operator.
  • Powerful Jaws with 3 Punching Pins provides a strong unique crimping action of deck lap.
  • Quick Adjustable Actuator Arm allows the operator to keep the jaws adjusted to the proper gap with a twist of the wrist.
  • Quick Exhaust Air Valve rapidly returns air pod for speed in operation.
  • Powder Coated Rugged Steel Frame ensures long life of the tool under the worst job conditions

Cost To Buy A Parker Punch Tool For Metal Decking

  • $ 2,820.00 Parker Punch Tool
  • $ 100.00 UPS Ground Freight Within U.S.
  • $ 2,920.00 Total Delivered

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Parker Punch Specifications

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