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Dovetail Decking - Metal Deck

Dovetail Decking is a structural metal deck that's designed to have a finished looking ceiling. It's available in acoustical and non-acoustical roof and floor decking.

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Verco Dovetail Deck

What Is Dovetail Decking?

Dovetail decking is a structural metal decking that's capable of long spans. The main advantage of the dovetail profile is that the underside of the panel looks like a finished looking ceiling. In addition, you can attach lighting, HVAC, plumbing, or electrical to the underside of the dovetail panels.

Dovetail deck is the perfect union that combines a structural metal roof deck and an architectural finished ceiling.


Dovetail Roof Deck

Dovetail metal decking is available in 2" and 3.5" panel profiles. It's also available in acoustical or non-acoustical panels.

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Dovetail Composite Floor Deck

Dovetail floor decking is available in 2" and 3.5" panel profiles.

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