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Button Punch Tool For Metal Decking

Deck Demon button punch tools are available for button punching the side laps of metal deck. They can also be used to crimp the seams which allows for top seam welding.

Free loaner tools are available with the purchase of metal decking. 

The Benefits of A Heavy Duty Metal Deck Button Punch Tool

If you install metal decking on a regular basis you need a heavy duty button punch tool. An inferior tool will break quickly and your job will take longer.

Labor is expensive and a having a higher quality button punch will pay for itself in just a few jobs.

  • Jaw Width: 1.75″ Wide
  • Included Components: (1) Die 20/24ga Gold / (2) Dies 16/18ga Silver. Dies are stored within the jaws of the tool.
  • Design: Ergonomically designed handles increase productivity. Less operator fatigue.
  • Gauge Limits: Tool is capable of button punching metal deck from 24 gauge to 16 gauge thickness
  • Materials: Constructed of heat treated tool steel
  • Product Use: Tool is used for button punching or crimping seams of metal deck for easier welding.
  • Versatility: Handles screw perpendicular into the red crimp handles to avoid movement during crimping and to adjust to different height individuals.

How Much Does A Button Punch Tool Cost?

  • $ 1,395.00 Button Punch Tool
  • $ 50.00 UPS Ground Freight within the Continental U.S.
  • $ 1,445.00 Total

***Ask About Multi Tool Discounts!***

Can I Borrow A Button Punch Tool For My Metal Deck Project?

How long can a customer borrow the button punch tool for?

Don't forget the accessories!


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Cell Closure

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