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Verco 3.5DA - 3.5" Dovetail Roof Decking

3.5DA Acoustical Dovetail roof deck is a long span roof deck. It's perfect when you need a structural metal deck, sound control, and a ceiling that looks finished.

3.5DA Dovetail Roof Decking

Shop Drawings & Metal Deck Packages Available

Shop Drawings

We are ready to provide you with shop drawings and metal deck packages for your next project. We can provide shop drawings that would include CAD drawings, metal deck cut list, gauge edge form, and shear stud layout.

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The Metal Deck Learning Center

Everything You Should Know About Metal Decking.

Learn more about metal decking and what it's used for. From instructional videos to informative articles, you're sure to find the answers you're looking for when it comes to roof deck and floor deck.