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PLN3-32 Metal Roof Deck: 3" Punchlok II

PLN3-32 was designed as a better alternative to PLN-24. It's a wider panel which allows for a quicker installation. Same day pick up or next day delivery.

Looking For Metal Floor Deck? We Offer A Variety Of Gauges, Lengths, and Depths.

Verco Punchlok II - PLN3-32

PLN3-32 Roof Deck - 3" Deep and 32" Wide

PLN3-32 Deck is strong, light weight, economical, and easy to install. This panel wider than a typical PLN-24 which allows for an easier install. PLN3-32 is used in long span conditions ranging from six feet to sixteen feet in distance. PLN3-32 Roof Deck is 3" deep and is available in galvanized and prime painted finishes.

This item is NOT in stock. Custom ordered jobs only.

  • Pick Up Locations in Ontario, California and Phoenix, Arizona
  • Delivery Is Available Throughout The USA
Don't forget the accessories!


Every metal deck project requires additional accessories. Get everything you need all in one place, here at


Foam Closures

Prevents moisture, insects, and light from getting inside or beneath the raised portions of metal decking panels.

  • Individual Foam Plugs
  • Foam Closure Strips

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Metal deck is normally welded or pinned to the steel. However, you can still need screws in canopy applications and for stitch screw side lap decking.

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Button Punch Tool

Button punch tool available for button punching or crimping seams of metal deck for easier welding. 

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  • Free Loaner Tool With Metal Deck Purchase

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Parker Punch Tool

The Parker Punch is a fast, high-volume pneumatic button punch that can save you time while providing strong, high-quality punches. 

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Shop Drawings & Metal Deck Packages Available

Shop Drawings

We are ready to provide you with shop drawings and metal deck packages for your next project. We can provide shop drawings that would include CAD drawings, metal deck cut list, gauge edge form, and shear stud layout.

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