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Weld Washers For Metal Decking

Weld washers for metal decking are normally required for puddle welds when the metal deck is lighter than 22 gauge. They will prevent holes that occur during welding of light gauge decking.

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Metal Deck Accessories

Galvanized Weld Washers

Weld washers available for metal deck applications available as follows:

  • 1,000 Count Bags
  • Galvanized
  • 14 Gauge
  • 3/8" Round Hole

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Punchlok® II Tool

Building on the success of the industry changing PunchLok System, the Verco PunchLok II tool provides an even stronger sidelap connection.

  • *Loaner tool only, not for sale.

Parker Punch Tool

The Parker Punch is a fast, high-volume pneumatic button punch that can save you time while providing strong, high-quality punches. 

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Edge Form

These formed galvanized angles are used to create a stopping point for poured concrete. Edge form and pour stop for metal deck can be fabricated to custom sizes and gauges.

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Cell Closure

Cell closure will close off the open ends of metal floor deck. This will prevent concrete spilling through ends of the metal deck. Available in 20 Gauge, Galvanized at 1.5" X 1.5", 1" X 2", 1" X 3"

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