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Metal Decking Panels- Roof, Floor, Form Deck

Do you need metal deck in a hurry? Don't worry, we have you covered with our extensive inventory of metal decking panels. Same day pick up or next day delivery on most items. Decking Today, No Delay!

Same Day Pick Up
Or Delivery

If you order metal deck in the morning, we can have it ready for pick up in the afternoon or can deliver the following day.

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  • Arizona - Phoenix & Tucson
  • So. California - Ontario
  • No. California - Delivery Only
  • Texas - Dallas/Fort Worth Area
  • Anywhere Else - Shipping Throughout The USA


Massive Inventory
And Panel Selection

All metal decking profiles are available in multiple gauges and sheet lengths. Larger jobs can be manufactured to your specific materials list.

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Sales Reps

Our sales reps have experience installing and detailing steel deck. We're here you help you every step of the way with anything that you need.

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Types Of Metal Decking Profiles

Metal decking suppliers will offer these basic types of steel decking.

Roof Decking

Structural steel deck that's used for roofs, canopies, walls, and gates

Floor Decking

Metal deck that's used for structural concrete. It has embossments in the flutes of the steel decking that will bond with the concrete. This creates a composite deck system.

Steel Form Decking

These panels are smooth and don't have embossments along the interior flutes of the decking. It's not a composite floor deck. It's only purpose is to be used as a stay in place form that will support the weight of the concrete while the concrete slab cures.

Punchlok II

This is a patented metal deck system that was created by Verco and Vulcraft. It's not so much a style of steel decking, but refers to the required side lap connection. Punchlok II is crimped with a special Punchlok II tool. This allows for the use of lighter gauge metal deck and creates higher diaphragm shear values.

About Us

metal-deck-ontario-30 was created to solve the problem of long lead times for steel deck panels. Instead of the standard 3-5 week lead time that will delay your job, we can have it ready the same day. Our motto is: Decking Today, No Delay.

To service our customers in the most efficient and timely manner, most panels are available in stock with same day pick-up or delivery. There are physical locations in Arizona, California, and Texas. We also offer inexpensive delivery anywhere within the USA.