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PLW2-Formlok™ - 2" Deep
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  • Punchlok Info

    Punchlok Info

    The Punchlok II tool is NOT available for sale. The Punchlok tool will be provided for use during installation. For more information about the Verco Punchlok II System please click here.
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    Verco Floor Deck Catalog
  • Los Angeles Research Report

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    Los Angeles Research Report
  • IAPMO UES Report

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    IAPMO UES Report
  • Concrete Fill

    Concrete Reinforcing

    Reinforcement for temperature and shrinkage crack control should be provided by welded wire fabric (WWF), reinforcing bars or fibers. Welded wire fabric or reinforcing bars with an area equal to 0.00075 times the area of concrete fill over the FORMLOK deck, but not less than the area provided by 6 x 6 - W1.4 x W1.4 WWF is required. Steel fibers meeting the criteria of ASTM A820, Types I, II or V, may be used in concrete specified in accordance with ASTM C1116, Type I. Follow the steel fiber manufacturer’s recommended dosage rate, but not less than 25 lbs./yd3. Macro synthetic fibers meeting the criteria of ASTM D7508 may be used in concrete specified in accordance with ASTM C1116, Type III. Follow the macro synthetic fiber manufacturer’s recommended dosage rate, but not less than 4 lbs./yd3. Use of alternative fibers or combinations of fibers, which the designer is satisfied will effectively resist temperature and shrinkage cracking, should be based on the fiber manufacturer’s recommended dosage rate. The use of fibers may affect the choice of UL assemblies if a fire-rated composite slab is required.

    Concrete Type

    Concrete Type The decision to use normal weight (NW) or structural light weight (LW) concrete is typically based on the relative costs and availability. The dead load of structural concrete slabs varies considerably with concrete type. Table 4 lists the concrete weight to be added to the deck weight to determine slab dead load. Note: The concrete weights listed in Table 4 do not include the allowance for deck deflection discussed on VF5 page 16.

    Concrete Thickness

    A minimum 2 in. thickness of concrete over the FORMLOK deck is required to achieve composite action. A 2½ in. thickness is suggested for better stiffness of the composite slab. Greater thickness may be required to attain fire ratings or meet specific load requirements.
  • Attachement of Floor Deck

    Attachment of Floor Deck

    Support Fastening

    FORMLOK deck is to be welded to supports with arc spot (puddle) welds having an effective fusion diameter of at least ½ in., or arc seam welds having an effective fusion width of at least #_I in. x 1 in. long (excluding the circular ends) as shown in Figure 4. Arc seam and arc spot welds are to be located and spaced as described in the tables. Welds are to be spaced not more than 12 in. on center across the width of the unit for all FORMLOK decks to meet UL requirements. VERCOR deck with structural concrete fill is to be attached to supports with minimum #12 SDI recognized self-drilling self-tapping screws.

    b-formlok figure 4

    Steel Headed Stud Anchors/Arc Spot Welds

    Arc spot welds may be eliminated where they coincide with steel headed stud anchors. If FORMLOK or VERCOR deck with concrete fill is attached to the supports with steel headed stud anchors, refer to Table 5 on VF5 page 22 for allowable diaphragm shear strengths and flexibility factors.

    Mechanical Fasteners to Supports

    As an alternate to welds, FORMLOK deck may be attached to the supports with mechanical fasteners, specifically, Hilti Fasteners, Pneutek Fasteners, and SDI recognized #12 or #14 screws from Buildex, Elco, Hilti, and Simpson. Allowable shear strengths for FORMLOK decks attached with mechanical fasteners are determined by multiplying the allowable diaphragm shear strengths for deck attached with welds by the adjustment factors shown in the diaphragm table footnotes for each FORMLOK profile and attachment pattern. Comply with minimum and maximum substrate thickness requirements for applicable mechanical fasteners. Consult fastener manufacturer for applicable fire-resistance assembly ratings.
  • Sidelap Connections

    Sidelap Connections

    • The button punch tool is available as a free loaner with the purchase of metal decking or can be purchased.
    • Use of Punchlok II tool is available with the purchase of Punchlok metal decking.
    • FORMLOK deck is to be fastened at the sidelap with the PunchLok II tool, button punches, screws, or 1½ in. long top seam welds at 36 in. on center maximum. VERCOR deck is to be fastened at the sidelaps with screws at the spacing shown in the tables.
    • PunchLok® II System: Connect sidelaps of the PLB, PLW2, PLW3, PLN3, and PLN FORMLOK decks with the Verco PunchLok II tool. The PunchLok II tool creates a positive connection between the male and female lips of the FORMLOK decks. The connection made by the PunchLok II tool is referred to as a VSC2 (Verco Sidelap Connection 2). An acceptable VSC2 connection has been made when the sidelap material has been sheared and offset so the sheared surface of the male leg is visible (Figure 5). The VSC2 connection may be made in either direction.
      B Formlok Figure 5
    • Button Punches: When sidelaps of FORMLOK decks are connected with button punches (BP), as shown in Figure 6, an average sized person should be able to stand (not jump) on the flute adjacent to the attachment without the joint coming apart.
      B Formlok Figure 6
    • Screws: When self-drilling, self-tapping screws are used to connect the sidelaps of B-36-SS, W2-36-SS, W3-36-SS, N3-SS, N3-NS, or N-24-SS FORMLOK decks, they are to be minimum #10 x ¾ in. long. The “SS” designation indicates deck provided with modified female lip for screw fastening. See Figure 7. The “NS” designation for N3 FORMLOK deck indicates deck provided with nested sidelap. Deep and Shallow VERCOR decks have a nested sidelap.
      B Formlok Figure 7
    • Top Seam Welds: When sidelaps of FORMLOK decks are connected with top seam welds (TSW) (Figure 8), the 1½ in. long weld must engage the top of the inner (male) leg. Clinch the joint before welding to create positive contact between the lips. Consider the PunchLok II system as a cost-effective alternative to top seam welds.
      B Formlok Figure 8
  • Verco Floor Deck Finishes

    Verco Floor Deck Finishes

    • Galvanized. Galvanized G60 In Stock. Galvanized G90 Custom Order
      Galvanized FORMLOK deck is produced from cold rolled zinc coated steel (ASTM A653 or ASTM A1063). Coating designation G60 is the standard zinc coating of the deck industry. Coating designation G90 is a heavier, more costly zinc coating sometimes specified for exposed exterior applications or other project specific requirements. Deep and Shallow VERCOR form decks are fabricated from G90 galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A653 or A1063. Galvanized VERCOR deck can be considered as a permanent form. Uncoated decks should not be considered permanent forms; therefore, the reinforced slab should be designed for the total load. Uncoated VERCOR deck is available only as a special order.
    • Phosphatized/Painted. Custom Order Only.
      The bottom (exposed) side of FORMLOK deck produced from cold rolled steel conforming to ASTM A1008 or ASTM A1039 is painted with a heat-cured gray acrylic primer applied by a roller coat process. The top side of the deck in contact with the concrete is left uncoated. The formation of light rust on the top side before placement of the concrete is normal and is not detrimental to the FORMLOK deck or the composite slab. Verco gray primer is approved by UL for use in protected and unprotected fire-rated assemblies. Refer to Table 9 on pages 32–33 for specific listings. Due to varying job site conditions, application methods, coating manufacturers, environmental conditions and expectations, it is essential to conduct a field test to determine compatibility of the field applied top coat with the Verco primer coat prior to full scale painting. Primer specifications are available from the Verco website ( Verco is not responsible for topcoat compatibility. Verco assumes no responsibility for adhesion of any spray applied fireproofing material, nor any treatment, cleaning, or surface preparation of the deck required for the adhesion of the fire protection material. Primer paint is intended to protect steel deck for a short period of exposure to ordinary atmospheric conditions. It should be considered an impermanent and provisional coating. Minor aesthetic irregularities and/or imperfections may appear in the paint coating as a result of the manufacturing and handling processes.
    • Galvanized with Primer. Custom Order Only.
      Galvanized FORMLOK deck is available with factory gray or white primer applied to the bottom (exposed) side of the deck for applications where the deck will be field-painted (eliminates the need for field priming) or must meet other specific requirements. Fire ratings with spray applied fireproofing are not applicable for galvanized decks with primer painted underside.
    • Exposed Product Appearance
      FORMLOK deck and cellular FORMLOK deck are structural products. Minor dents and scratches which do not affect the structural capacity of deck are not grounds for rejection. Note that lighter gage material is more susceptible to the appearance of oil canning and minor dents during the shipping, handling and installation process. For cellular FORMLOK deck, flat bottom pans are susceptible to the appearance of oil-canning, particularly when perforated. The appearance of oil canning does not affect the structural integrity of fluted and cellular FORMLOK decks and is not grounds for rejection.
    Click here to download the pdf file.
  • Venting Floor Deck

    Venting Floor Deck

    B Formlok Figure 2

    Factory vent tabs are available as an option for FORMLOK deck as shown in Figure 2. The structural performance and fire rating of the FORMLOK composite slab are not affected by the venting. The drying performance of concrete cast on steel deck can be expected to be similar to that of a slab cast on grade over a vapor barrier. The nominal venting provided by vent tabs will not significantly affect concrete drying. Vent tabs should only be specified based on the requirements of the materials installed over the slab. Leakage will occur during concrete placement with vented deck. Table 1: Unprotected Fire Resistance Rating Concrete Thickness over FORMLOK Deck Restrained Assembly Rating Normal Weight (in.) Light Weight (in.) 1 Hour 3½ 2½ 2 Hour 4½ 3¼ 3 Hour 5¼ 43-qy FIGURE 2 Vent Tabs (Typical) VERCO DECKING, INC. VF5  9 Vent tabs projecting upwards are staggered in interior low flutes at approximately 6 in. on center:

    • B Formlok and PLB Formlok = 5 Rows of Vent Tabs
    • W2 Formlok and PLW2 Formlok = 3 Rows of Vent Tabs
    • PLN3 and N3 Formlok = 3 Rows of Vent Tabs
    • N Formlok and PLN Formlok = 2 Rows of Vent Tabs
  • Profile Closures

    Profile Closures

  • Fire Rated Composite Slabs

    Fire Rated Composite Slabs

    FORMLOK composite slabs may be used to meet hourly fire ratings. The type and thickness of concrete specified will determine whether fireproofing will be required on the underside of the FORMLOK deck. Typically, 2½ in. of concrete over the top of the deck is required for fire ratings with fireproofing on the underside of the deck. Refer to the specific UL assembly, or use the fireproofing manufacturer’s data to determine fireproofing thickness required to meet a specific hourly rating. Table 1 summarizes the thickness of concrete required over the top of the FORMLOK deck to achieve restrained unprotected hourly ratings with no fireproofing on the underside of the deck. See specific UL assemblies for unrestrained hourly ratings.

    B Formlok Table 1

    Refer to Table 9 VF5 pages 32–33 for a listing of UL fire-rated assemblies utilizing FORMLOK profiles. Refer to the particular UL assembly being considered for full details of construction, including specific information about concrete thickness, strength requirements, and span limitations.
  • Autocad

    AUTOCAD Details for Download

w2 formlok product specs

Verco PLW2 Formlok™ | 2" Deep Composite Floor Deck

The main difference between the PLW2 Formlok profile and W2 Formlok profile is the method of sidelap attachment; the panels themselves are identical in both geometry and material properties. The prefix "PL" designates a PunchLok II version of this profile.
Verco PLW2 Formlok is 2" deep and is in stock in galvanized G60 and can be custom ordered in phosphatized/prime painted finishes.
Punchlok floor deck is good in stock in the following gauges 20, 18, 16 Gauge with a galvanized G60 finish. In addition, PLW2 Formlok floor deck is available in lengths ranging from 20'-2" to 35'-6".

Material can be custom run to longer or shorter lengths if needed.

PLW2 Formlok is in stock in Ontario, California or Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, orders can be manufactured at the metal deck plant in Northern California or any of the other metal deck facilities throughout the country. Route trucks run throughout the country on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your location and can be shipped very inexpensively.

Please click below for a Quote or Call 877-787-5467.

    • 2" Deep Floor Deck
    • ICBO 2078-P

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PLW2-Formlok™ - 2" Deep
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