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PLB-36™ Roof Deck
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  • Punchlok Info

    Punchlok Info

    The Punchlok II tool is NOT available for sale. The Punchlok tool will be provided for use during installation. For more information about the Verco Punchlok II System please click here.
  • Verco Roof Deck Catalog

    Download the Verco Roof Deck Catalog Below

  • Los Angeles Research Report

    Download the Los Angeles Research Report Below

    Los Angeles Research Report
  • IAPMO UES Report

    Download the IAPMO UES Report Below

    IAPMO UES Report
  • Attachment of Roof Deck

    Support Fastening

    The diaphragm shear tables of this catalog include two methods of attaching deck to the supports: welds and mechanical fasteners (power actuated fasteners or self-drilling, self-tapping screws).

    Figure-3 B-Deck Arc WeldWelds: When Vero roof deck is to be welded to supports, the effective fusion area is to be at least ½ in. diameter for arc spot (puddle) welds (Figure 3) or at least 3-i in. x 1 in. long for arc seam welds. Arc seam and arc spot welds are to be located and spaced as described in the tables.

    Hilti Fasteners: Hilti X-EDNK22 THQ12, X-HSN 24, or X-ENP-19 L15 fasteners are to be installed as shown in Figure 4. Hilti X-HSN 24 fasteners have a dome style head, red guidance washer and a steel silver-colored top-hat washer. Hilti X-EDNK22 fasteners have a dome style head, a 15-ew inch diameter steel flat washer, and a steel top hat washer. The Hilti X-ENP-19 fastener has a fully knurled tip and tapered shank fitted with two 0.590-inch diameter steel cupped washers. Contact Hilti for additional information on the fasteners.

    Proper penetration of the Hilti fasteners into structural supports is shown in Figure 4. Fasteners shall be located not less than 1 in. from the end of the sheets.

    Select the appropriate fastener based on the actual substrate thickness.


    Pneutek Fasteners: Pneutek K66062, K66075, K64062, K64075, SDK63075, or SDK61075 fasteners are to be installed as shown in Figure 5. The Pneutek fasteners have ½ inch diameter heads. Contact Pneutek for additional information on the fasteners. Fasteners must be driven with the Pneutek Air/Safe fastening system to ensure tight contact between the fastener head and the attached deck as shown in Figure 5. Fasteners shall be located not less than 1 in. from the end of the sheets.

    Select the appropriate fastener based on the actual substrate thickness. Note that K66075 or K64075 pins are to be used for attachment of four layers of 20 gage deck or three or four layers of 18 or 16 gage deck.


    Figure-6Screws: #12 self-drilling, self-tapping screws are to be installed as shown in Figure 6. Diaphragm shear and flexibility values are based on SDI recognized #12 screws from Buildex, Elco, Hilti, and Simpson Strong-Tie when installed in supports at least 0.0385 inches thick. The tabulated shears and flexibility values may be modified in accordance with appropriate footnotes of the Diaphragm Shear Strength and Flexibility Tables for supports of different thicknesses or for screws (“generic”) which are not recognized by SDI.
  • Sidelap Attachments

    Sidelap Connections

    Verco roof decks are to be fastened at the sidelaps by one of four methods: VSC2s made with the PunchLok II Tool, 1½ in. long top seam welds, button punches, or #10 x ¾ in. long screws. Spacing of sidelap connections shall be as specified in the tables.


    The dimension from the centerline of the supports to the first and last sidelap connection within each span is to be no more than one half the specified spacing as shown in Figure 7. The number of connections per span based on spacing are listed in Table 3.


    Figure-8PunchLok® II System: The connection made by the PunchLok II Tool is referred to as a VSC2 (Verco Sidelap Connection 2). An acceptable VSC2 connection has been made when the sidelap material has been sheared and offset so the sheared surface of the male leg is visible in the cut (Figure 8).

    The VSC2 connection may be made in either direction relative to the sidelap.

    Top Seam Welds: When roof deck sidelaps are connected with top seam welds (TSW) (Figure 9, left), the 1½ in. long weld must engage the top of the inner (male) leg. Clinch the joint before welding to create contact between the lips.


    Button Punches: When roof deck sidelaps are connected with button punches (Figure 9, right), an average-sized person should be able to stand (not jump) on the flute adjacent to the attachment without the joint coming apart.

    Figure-10Screws: When self-drilling, self-tapping screws are used to connect the sidelaps of roof decks, they are installed as shown in Figure 10. The diaphragm shear values and flexibility factors shown in the tables of this catalog are based on minimum #10 self-drilling, self-tapping screws. The “SS” designation for roof deck indicates interlocking deck provided with extended female lip for screw fastening. The “NS” designation for HSN3 roof deck indicates deck provided with nested sidelap. Deep and Shallow VERCOR deck are provided with a nested sidelap.

    Parallel Collectors

    Spacing of the attachments at diaphragm chords, struts, ties or other collector elements that are parallel to the deck flutes is based on the actual shear to be transferred and shear capacity of the connections used. The spacing of the connections at these shear transfer elements parallel to the deck flutes should not be larger than that for the interior sidelap connections in order to maintain diaphragm rigidity. The maximum spacing of attachments at parallel collectors is 3 ft. Allowable shear loads for Arc Spot Welds, Arc Seam Welds, Hilti Fasteners, Pneutek Fasteners, and SDI Recognized Screws are listed in Table 4. Allowable shear loads for #12 screws that do not meet the requirements of SDI Recognized Screws are listed in Table 5.

    Fillet Welds: Spacing of fillet welds used at collectors parallel to the deck flutes should be based on the shear to be transferred. Allowable shear strength for fillet welds should be determined in accordance with AISI S100.
  • Roof Deck Finishes

    Roof Deck Finishes

    • Galvanized G-60 or G-90. Galvanized roof deck panels are formed from either ASTM A 653 or A 1063 steel.

    • Cold Rolled with Gray Primer. Acrylic primer is applied to cold rolled steel either ASTM A 1008 or A 1039.

    • Galvanized with Gray or White Primer. Custom Order Only.

    • B Deck is a structural product. Minor dents and scratches which do not affect the structural capacity of HSB-36 are not grounds for rejection.
  • Shear Tranz II

    Shear Tranz II

    • Verco introduced the use of restraining elements such as the ShearTranz II-42 system, to increase roof deck diaphragm rigidity

    • The 14 Gauge Shear Tranz II-42 elements are used with PLB-36 deck with sidelaps connected using the Punchlok II tool.

    • The ShearTranz II-42 elements are used at shear collecting support elements perpendicular to the metal deck corrugations. When ShearTranz II-42 elements are used, the deck does not need to terminate at the support as it may be cantilevered.

    • Metal deck end laps of PLB-36 with ShearTranz II-42 system must be at least 2 inches and fastened to supports with arc spot and arc seam welds. ShearTranz II elements are required if butted end joints are used. See installation details shown on page 66 of VR4
  • Profile Closures

    Profile Closures

  • Vent Tabs

    Vent Tabs

    • Verco roof deck is available with factory punched vent tabs to provide positive venting (see Figure 11). Determine venting requirements based on the specific materials installed over the deck. Some leakage during lightweight insulating concrete placement should be anticipated with vented deck. Vent tabs projecting upwards are staggered in interior low flutes at approximately 6 in. on center.
      • HSB-36 and PLB-36 = 5 Rows of Vent Tabs
      • N-24 and PLN-24 = 2 Rows of Vent Tabs
      • N3 and PLN3 = 3 Rows of Vent Tabs
    Click here to download the pdf file.

    vent tabs
  • Fire Ratings

    Fire Ratings

    Hourly fire ratings, if required, may affect the maximum allowable deck span and/or minimum deck gage. Refer to the UL Fire Resistance Directory or Verco’s Evaluation Report for further information. Note that only Verco cold rolled with Verco factory gray primer and Verco galvanized finishes are approved for use with spray applied fire proofing.
  • Autocad

    AUTOCAD Details for Download

PLB-36™ - 1.5" Deep

The difference between the PLB-36 profile and HSB-36 profile is the method of sidelap attachment; the panels themselves are identical in both geometry and material properties. The prefix "PL" designates a PunchLok II version of the B profile, while "HS" (high shear) indicates a top seam weld, button punch, or screw version of the same profile.

Type B profiles are 1.5-inch deep structural roof deck that provide both vertical load and diaphragm shear capacity. The profile contains 6 ribs and is 36 inches wide with male and female edges, creating an interlocking side lap when installed. The wide ribs make the profile an ideal structural substrate to uniformly support roofing systems applied on top of the deck. Type B profiles are typically used for span conditions of 10 feet or less.

PLB-36 Punchlok is available in galvanized and prime painted finishes. PLB-36 is good in stock in the following gauges 22, 20, 18, 16 Gauge. In addition, Punclok roof deck is available in lengths ranging from 6'-2" to 35'-6". Verco PLB-36 can be custom run to longer lengths if needed.
    • 1½" Deep Roof Deck
    • ICBO 2078-P
PLB-36 is in stock in Ontario, California or Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, orders can be manufactured at the metal deck plant in Northern California or any of the other metal deck facilities throughout the country. Route trucks run throughout the country on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your location and can be shipped very inexpensively. Please click below for a Quote or Call 877-787-5467.

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PLB-36™ Roof Deck
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